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Become a donor

To be an organs donor in Spain it is sufficient that the opposition does not consist in life of the deceased. Nevertheless, it is advisable that the family knows his donation desires, since it facilitates in big measured a rapid decision in these so critical moments.

Become a donor

The DONOR'S CARD is an easy and valuable way of expressing publicly our will to donate.

The donors of organs and textiles are persons of any age, without infectious diseases (infections, cancer...) and that die in a hospital.

After the extraction of the organs, the body of the donor is preserved by his normal appearance, the funeral being able to be realized with absolute normality and without any delay.

The organs donation is a united, anonymous and altruistic act, in which there is not allowed any type of remuneration or compensation and in that the donors' identities and recipients cannot be known.

The organ transplantations and textiles are always realized of free form and in centers authorized and controlled by sanitary authorities. The recipients are selected by absolute transparence and following objective scientific criteria.

Most of the western religions, they support the donation and the organ transplantation. This way, the Catholic Church, For quoting the most frequent, Protestants, Islamismo, Witnesses of Jehovah and Judaism, have expressed his consideration of the organs donation like supreme act of generosity, charity and love.


If you want to receive in your domicile your donor's card, send to us the following form.

In accordance with the Law of Services of the Information society and of Electronic commerce, and to the current Organic Law 15, of 13 of December, 1999 of Spanish Protection of Information (LOPD), we inform him that his personal information is included in our database, in order to offer him the actuality of the Association.

As user will be able, at all times, to exercise the rights recognized in the LOPD, of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition. The proper user can realize the exercise of these rights going to info@transplantcenter.org

In no case his information will be facilitated to other public or private entities.

In case it is not interesting to him to receive any more information and he wishes us to erase him of our database, it can happen of low in the direction info@transplantcenter.org putting in the matter of the message TO ERASE.

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