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Association of Transplanted of Heart of Andalusia
Name: Association of Transplanted of Heart of Andalusia "City Seville"
Direction: C / Medina and Galnares, 153, Place I - 41015 Seville.
Tel. and Fax: 954240812

CIF: G-41722307
Constitution: On May 16, 1995
Juridical nature: Entity without lucre fortitude. Association.

Representative: Manuel Rodríguez Luque
I load: President


  • Inscribed in the Record of Associations of the Commission of Government of the Meeting of Andalusia with the 5200-1st .
  • Inscribed in the Municipal Record of Entities of the Town hall of Seville, with the number 1685/south.
  • Record of Entities, Services and Centers of Social services of the Commission of Social Matters of the Meeting of Andalusia, with the E/4337.
  • Record of Associations of Mutual Help of Health of the Commission of Health of the Meeting of Andalusia, with the 664/02.
  • In step there is the request of declaration of Public Utility.

Associates: During the months that we take of 2008, the Association is provided with 311 associates.
Beneficiaries: All the associates as well as his relatives. The attention extends also to all those transplanted that demand it, although they do not belong to the Association.
Territorial ambience: The interventions are realized primarily in the province of Seville, in coordination with the sectorial coordination of transplants of the University hospital Virgin of the Dew of Seville. Being also recipients of our actions, the associates and relatives of the provinces of Huelva, Malaga, Cadiz, Ceuta and Melilla, assigned to this Association.
Collaboration: the Association advocates the integration and the coordination with other Associations and Federations of the sector, to end of favoring the exchange of experiences and of information between all the patients and transplanted of heart in the ambience autonomically and state. And so, ATCA is part at present of the Andalusian Federation of patients' Associations of heart (FAECO) and of the provincial Federation of associations of cardiac patients of Seville (FECARSE).

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